Our understanding of Ideal Countermeasures to Earthquake Disaster Reduction

Cycle of Disasters from the Occurrence of Earthquakes to Usual Life

integrated earthquake disaster reduction system

The ideal disaster-related countermeasure is to balance between all three of “Mitigation”, “Preparedness/Response to Disaster”, and “Optimum Recovery/Reconstruction Strategy” We research both tangible and intangible approaches to realize them.

Disaster Reduction Research from Both Hardware and Software Sides (Tangible and Intangible Sides)

We research the strategies to minimize the human/physical damages and social function disorders resulting from natural hazards (earthquakes, etc.), [through practicing countermeasures balancing tangible and intangible measures.]
The lessons that we have learnt from recent large earthquakes (like those from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake) are that reduction of human suffering can’t be accomplished without intangible countermeasures, and that recent intangible measures that are popular these days (Real-time Earthquake Disaster System, etc.) focus on immediate recovery and reconstruction of the social functions.
Learning the lessons from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, we are now considering systems synthetically simulating the fracture behaviors of structures and the behaviors of the facility and furniture within during earthquakes, and the evacuation behaviors during and after disasters.

Research Achievements of the Meguro-Lab.